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Leather Repair and Restoration

Damaged or worn looking leather? Then send it on to us at Conlans Restoration, Padiham, Burnley. We'll repair and restore your leather so it's back to its former, lustrous self. Whether it's leather furniture, the interior of your car – or even your shoes, clothing or handbag – we'll get it back to its old self in no time.

When it comes to leather repair it doesn't end there. We can repair any rips, tears, holes, cuts, scuffs, scratches and cat scratches...

And, if there's a stain that just won't shift off your leather furniture, clothing or accessory – we'll sort it. If there's a heat mark or burn mark – we can even remove that too.

If your leather is showing signs of its age by starting to look and feel rough or cracked, we'll smooth it out so it's looking as good as new again.

If the colour of your leather is starting to look dull, we'll revive it – until it's the colour it was before or if your leather furniture no longer fits in with your decor we offer a leather recolouring service so you can change it to a completely different colour.

Leather Cleaning:

We also provide a leather cleaning service if your leather is in need of a professional, deep clean and condition. Our trained leather technician, John, will visit your home or place of business to repair or clean your leather furniture.


- Repair rips, tears, holes, scuffs, cat scratches, cracking and peeling

- Refresh colour where colour loss has occurred

- Recolour to a different colour

- Professional deep clean and condition by hand

For further information or a free no obligation quote please contact us NOW on 07876186005 or visit us at our showroom at 23 Burnley Road, Padiham, Burnley, Lancashire,

We can collect and deliver your furniture.